Acrylic and Stone on Board
Acrylic and Stone on Board- JUICY North Wind 

About artist Samantha Williams-Chapelsky

Born paintbrush in-hand, at the ripe age of five Samantha won an Emily Carr young artist award for her work, ‘The House’. Since then – through her extensive education, experience and years spent studying Italian art in Tuscany – she has emerged as an internationally exhibited painter and sculptor. Currently a visual art instructor, Samantha teaches painting and sculpting methods in all mediums. From India to Italy, Scotland to New York, numerous galleries and more than 55 exhibitions have featured her vibrant collections.

New Website Launch

This adventurous site will document my adventures in acrylic paint, new techniques, trials, and experimentation! I am excited to launch this site as a sort of blog/workshop/source of inspiration for artists everywhere!

As an acrylic artist for the past 10 years, I have experimented on unique supports, on various substrates, incorporated various materials into my work, and have tried multiple brands and types of acrylic paint. As a medium, I believe acrylic can do amazing things!

This site will publish how-to techniques that I have developed, and some that I have learned working with GOLDEN artist colors as the working artist for Alberta.

I will also be posting links to workshops and classes I will be running, so stay tuned for updates!