Acrylic on Board  60" x 60"

Acrylic on Board
60″ x 60″

New Work

After an amazing trip to the west coast, I am inspired by the Rocky Mountains that border Alberta and British Columbia.

This painting was completed in acrylic paint, and had a neutral grey base- a color I do not normally use, but I love how the mountain lights sparkle with the grey in behind.


Welcome to my new website. This site will document my adventures in acrylic paint, new techniques, trials, and experimentation! I am excited to launch this site as a sort of blog/workshop/source of inspiration for artists everywhere!

As an acrylic artist for the past 10 years, I have experimented on unique supports, on various substrates, incorporated various materials into my work, and have tried multiple brands and types of acrylic paint. As a medium, I believe acrylic can do amazing things!

This site will publish how-to techniques that I have developed, and some that I have learned working with GOLDEN artist colors as the working artist for Alberta.

Fall classes for 2014 are now posted!