Elemental Sky features the work of Samantha Williams-Chapelsky. As a departure from her Juicy series, Elemental Sky incorporates TerraSkin – a stone based paper as the ground of acrylic washes mixed with alcohol sprays. The title “Elemental Sky” describes the natural landscape, and the movements of clouds over the horizon line. Samantha documents this shifting movement of the clouds and weather patterns with gestural brushwork, in thin washes of acrylic paint mixed with alcohol. Through this exhibition, Samantha aims to capture the landscape not as a mimetic depiction, but as a gestural interpretation of the movement of the land itself, and its ever-fluctuating subtleties of the natural landscape.

This show runs November 18th to December 12th at the Daffodil Gallery in Edmonton, Alberta. I hope you can join me for an opening reception on November 19th (5pm to 8pm).