I am excited to display this new series of paintings at Gibson Fine Art in Calgary, Alberta. This series explores the ever changing relationship and the conversations between the Land and Sky. As a visual artist, I am constantly inspired by this relationship of the ethereal sky and the tangible ground.

Artist Statement:

My work primarily focuses on the depiction of the Canadian landscape. The landscape of Canada and specifically that of Western Canada is in a constant state of change. From weather to the effect of human presence to the pastoral landscape, idyllic in the minds of prairie dwellers, there are never ending conversations of patterns, lights, and landscape horizons. I aim to capture the relationship between the sky and ground. This stark divisional line suggests a disconnect and yet neither sky nor ground would exist without the other. This balance of space defined by the horizon line is the simple definition of the Canadian landscape. I sketch and paint the views of Alberta and British Columbia from life, and transfer these ideas to larger scale canvas’ and boards. I document the shifting movement of the clouds and weather patterns with gestural brushwork, thick uses of both oil and acrylic paint and vivid color. I aim to capture the landscape not as a mimetic depiction, but as a gestural interpretation of the movement of the land itself, and its ever fluctuating subtleties of the natural, urban, growth, desolation, and regrowth.

This exhibition runs from February 25 – March 11, 2017

The opening reception will be March 4, 2017 1 – 3pm

Gibson Fine Art

628 11 Ave SW #102,

Calgary, AB T2R 0E2

For more information, please visit Gibson Fine Art or contact Samantha Williams-Chapelsky for exhibition images and pricing at samanthawilliams@live.ca