“The Celestial Moon” series  is a small selection of textured acrylic paintings and watercolors that represent my own interpretation of the craters and textures of the moon. I have been inspired by the changing shapes and patterns of the moon this fall and felt compelled to create a series of one of a kind original moon-scapes that would show the sparkle, the shine and the unique colors of the moon.

Special Event – The Lunar Collection

Join artist Samantha Williams-Chapelsky, So Pretty Cara Cotter and Pura Botanicals for an evening celebrating the Lunar Collection on October 10, 2019

About this Event

This event will feature the Ethereal Collection of Jewelry from So Pretty Cara Cotter, Pura Botanicals and a new series of original artworks by Samantha Williams-Chapelsky based upon phases of the moon.

As a collaborative group, we realized that as local female entrepreneurs, our focus on celestial inspirations was the perfect way to combine beauty, fashion and art into a special event to celebrate all three.

Samantha Williams-Chapelsky will be showcasing her new series titled “The Celestial Moon” which is a small series of textured acrylic paintings and watercolors that represent her own interpretation of the craters and textures of the moon. Each piece is one of a kind and will be released for purchase at this event!

To preview some of the collection, visit https://www.instagram.com/samanthawilliamschapelsky

So Pretty Cara Cotter launched the Ethereal collection as a celebration of the energy of the sun, moon and stars.

to view the collection, visit https://soprettycaracotter.com/

Pura Botanicals – A unique line of all natural potions created in Edmonton “Every one of our potions is a dreamy, sensorial experience. Each bottle includes its own signature ritual. It goes deeper than just applying a beauty product; it’s about the mesmerizing steps to enhance the whole green beauty experience from start to finish to achieve flawless skin.”

For more information on Pura Botanicals visit https://purabotanicals.ca/

This is a private event, and space is limited! Reserve your ticket today.