Western Canadian abstract landscape artist working in acrylic and oil paint.

As an abstract landscape painter, I have explored the prairies of Western Canada. This voyage has lured me down a rabbit hole to all manner of physical manifestations of paint that evoke texture, light, tone, and contrast.

I have a deep appreciation for the varied crops, the vertical lines, rows of plants that seem to follow the curves and shapes of the land itself. I am fascinated by the resolve tenacity of certain crops to grow persist in the harsh winters to the hot bleaching of a summer sun. The slow deliberate action of planting seed by seed, row by row, thread by thread, plant by plant creates the narrative of my painting.

I draw from a bold color palette and endeavor to interpret the landscape through richness with color, gestures, and unique textures using acrylic paints to capture these patterns of meaning, historical significance, and natural beauty.

Thank you for connecting with my work!