Samantha Williams-Chapelsky

Western Canadian abstract landscape artist working in acrylic and oil paint.

I work with acrylic paints to produce large scale abstracted landscapes with a focus on the materiality of the paint to allude to emotion and feeling within the space.

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  1. Sheri-Lee Langlois Avatar
    Sheri-Lee Langlois

    Hi Samantha
    I’m interested in setting up a commission with you. Is now a good time of year or would you prefer to wait till the New Year?
    What is the minimum size you require for a commission and is there a set price for that size of work? Could I ask for a watercolour work?
    Thank you


    1. samanthawilliamschapelsky Avatar

      Hi Sheri-Lee

      I am able to do one more commission for December just depending on the size. If you can send me the details at, that would be fabulous. I do have a minimum size for commissions but let me know what you are looking for first!



      1. Sheri-Lee Langlois Avatar
        Sheri-Lee Langlois

        Hi again Samantha
        It’s the Edith Cavell painting I talked about a little while ago but I have a photo now of what I’d like.
        I don’t have a lot of wall space so I’ll need to put it in one of those small frames where the wrapped canvas just sits inside it, flush with the edges of the frame. I’m thinking 8” x 10” but it depends if you think that’s big enough to do the image justice.


  2. samanthawilliamschapelsky Avatar

    Hi Sheri-Lee
    With a mountain like Edith Cavell, I wouldn’t recommend a commissioned piece that small. I would say something a bit larger – potentially a 16″ x 20″ just to really give the piece presence and that will allow me to have a bit more room for details. Give me a shout at and we can go from there.


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