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I am so pleased to be offering a new experience- Creative Coaching for Artists

As a full-time artist, finding mentors or artists willing to share the ins and outs of a career in visual arts was difficult for me. After a 5-year degree program at the University of Alberta majoring in painting and art history, I left classes feeling unsure, not knowing how to get started, or where to go. Through my 15 years in the field of visual arts, I have amassed great ideas, failed projects, and a whole lot of knowledge on the industry – which will provide artists a starting point, a way to refocus or start again in the field of Fine Arts.

Option one

Refocus your work


One hour of discussion on your practice, next steps, where you want to go and some tips and tricks on how to build your career. Often times it is saying it out loud – what do you want to achieve? What are you striving for? Spend an hour with visual artist Samantha Williams-Chapelsky or two half hour sessions over video conferencing to discuss your next goals in your career as a visual artist. Samantha will send you a copy of the notes from the session to further your planning!


This session will be scheduled with me directly


Cost 90.00


Option two

Portfolio Review


Send in 10 images of your most recent series of works, along with a list of sizes, a current cv nd your statement. I will review these and give you some constructive criticism and some feedback on your work from my own visual standpoint. Then we will discuss via online video conference for an hour some ideas of where to apply, what shows to go after and how to build your CV with some new ways of exhibiting your work! Again, all notes will be shared for use after the session.


This session will be scheduled with me directly




Option three

Statement Review


Have a body of work that you are excited to showcase, but are struggling with the how/ what it all means/ what you should say? Send in a draft statement and I will be pleased to review your work and provide you with some critical feedback on changes/ references.


This session will be scheduled with me directly



To book any one of these sessions, please email me at

Webinars – coming soon

Pricing your artwork

Approaching galleries


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