Clouds in the Field 24″ x 36″ Oil on Board

Fall 2015

The fall time has certainly come in with spectacular colours! I have been enjoying my days of painting outside as often as possible- before the craziness of the winter season arrives.

I have set up my most recent exhibition, Documenting at VASA Studios in St.Albert. This exhibition opens October 1 at 6 pm and will run to the end of October. It is the culmination of over 80 paintings that “document” my day to day travels.

I am also working on my series for my solo exhibition at the Daffodil Gallery in Edmonton titled Elemental Sky. This pieces are created on a calcium carbonate based paper, and have a unique finish to the paintings.

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Stone paper works in progress

Elemental Sky features the work of Samantha Williams-Chapelsky. As a departure from her Juicy series, Elemental Sky incorporates TerraSkin – a stone based paper as the ground of acrylic washes mixed with alcohol sprays. The title “Elemental Sky” describes the natural landscape, and the movements of clouds over the horizon line. Samantha documents this shifting movement of the clouds and weather patterns with gestural brushwork, in thin washes of acrylic paint mixed with alcohol. Through this exhibition, Samantha aims to capture the landscape not as a mimetic depiction, but as a gestural interpretation of the movement of the land itself, and its ever-fluctuating subtleties of the natural landscape.

This show runs November 18th to December 12th at the Daffodil Gallery in Edmonton, Alberta. I hope you can join me for an opening reception on November 19th (5pm to 8pm).

Newest Series in Progress

As the summer moves along, I am slowly developing a new series of oil paintings. These paintings are inspired by the impressionists and the work of artists like Monet and Van Gogh. I love painting flowers, but I aim to paint them as petals and stamens moving in the wind. The leaves bounce around the canvas, and they seem to move at every angle. These are highly textured works created with beautiful Williamsburg Oil paints and Wax Medium.

June and July 2015

Gardens 2

June 2015 

Golden Artist Colors

I was honored to be able to visit Golden Artist Colors in New Berlin, New York this month. It was a whirlwind trip of learning, making, testing paint and meeting the amazing individuals who work for Golden. I was already sold by this company for its treatment of artists, as well as its commitment to quality. But by visiting the space itself and meeting the individuals who work for Golden – I am in awe. I have never seen a company so committed to making high quality products for the art world that they test to extremes and ensure that the artist is using the best. From the batches of hand ground oil paint made by the meticulous measuring of skilled craftsmen to the crazy vats of acrylic gel gloss hoisted across the acrylic workroom floor- I could hardly believe my eyes. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing how paint is made and tested and how these tests continue on existing and new products.

I also had the chance to meet with Mark Golden and his wife Barbara Golden and daughter Emma Golden.  I was so delighted to meet with all of them (and a little nervous)and to hear their amazing tales from the past , as well as goals for the future. I am honored to be working for them in the role that I am in, and all in all – this trip has taught me more about paint then I ever thought I could know. And maybe even a little more than that.

Golden Paint 

I am also delighted to announce that Golden Paint has asked me to present at their international conference this December In Miami Florida! I will be presenting a lecture titled Newsletter know-how and Social Media Savvy. This presentation will discuss the benefits of social media, easy ways to incorporate social media into busy schedules and the importance of maintaining an active mailing list with workshop registrants, art buyers, art dealers, and artist groups.
I am honored and delighted to be presenting at this conference to my artist peers!

Harmony Arts Festival
Juried Group Exhibition 

West Vancouver
July 31- August 9 

I am pleased to announce my work, Cerulean Sky was juried into the Harmony arts festivals Group Exhibition in West Vancouver. This year’s juried Group Exhibition features the mixed media works of artists Exploring the Balance between Harmony and Discord. The theme for this exhibition asks artists where harmony and balance are found in our lives, art or nature. These opposing states are explored in works that encourage conversation.
For more information on this exhibition, visit http://harmonyarts.ca

Oil on Canvas  30" x 30"  2000.00  Framed

Art in the Garden 

Summer Art Show and Soiree
Saturday July 11, 2015
1 Fulton Place, St.Albert
Noon – 10 pm 
Please join us for a day of delicous treats in a garden setting filled with art. Come to enjoy the view, chat and visit with artist Samantha Williams-Chapelsky and husband Cole Chapelsky. 
Artworks including paintings, and hand painted silk scarves will be available for sale or simply for your viewing enjoyment.
To RSVP, please email samanthawilliams@live.ca 

Spring has Sprung

Spring has sprung and my studio seems to be buzzing with activity. I am currently working on new floral paintings in oils as well as some textured landscapes for some up and coming exhibitions. I am currently showing “The Sturcture of Sky” at the Paint Spot in Edmonton, Alberta as well as ongoing exhibitions at The Daffodil Gallery and Gibson Fine Art in Calgary. I am continuing to develop these new series of works. Stay Tuned!

Oil on Canvas  30

Oil on Canvas 30″ x 30″ 2000.00 Framed

The Nature of Silk

I am so excited and happy to announce my exhibition in Port Moody, British Columbia. This exhibition was a culmination of months of work and planning. I was wowed by the presentation of the works in the gallery space, and really humbled by the sheer volume of silk flowing through the art centre space. I am very proud of this body of work and could not be happier with the overall look of the exhibition!

Pieces flowed in the breeze and everything seemed bright with color. This whole series was painted on habotai silk with a water based wax resist and beautiful jacquard dyes.

port moody 5

For more information on this exhibition, please visit http://www.pomoarts.ca/gallery/current-exhibit 

February 2015

Arizona Sunrise

It is a busy month in my studio with workshop preparations, exhibit works in various stages, and oh so many supplies… My most recent works are highlighting the landscape of the south- specifically that of Arizona. I fell in love with this rugged red landscape, and am drawn to the mountains, peaks and valleys of this area. I am hoping to complete a small series of works from this recent adventure, as well as continue on my “Juicy” painting quest.