SoFLAT Demonstration

April 16, 2021

7 pm – 8:30 pm via Zoom

GOLDEN has developed a paint that helps artists create immersive fields of color without the distraction of texture and glare. The paint has a flowing consistency, offering exceptional coverage and a leveling capability as it dries. This unique combination of qualities can only be found in SoFlat Matte Acrylic Colors.?Tune into this demonstration for an indepth look at these new acrylics and some of their unique properties.

Samantha will showcase the range of colors and discuss uniques ways of working with the paints and how to incorporate them into your existing collection of media.

This workshop is pay by donation- so please feel free to contribute what you can.

Recommended amount is 10.00

To register, visit SoFLAT

Golden Virtual Lecture Demos

April 17 1:00 pm MST

Duration 1.5 hours  via Zoom

The Golden Lecture and Demonstration will be presented in Zoom and will cover a variety of topics on acrylics and acrylic mediums. This one hour exploration of Golden products will look at the Golden product range, a range of acrylic gels, mediums, and pastes artists can add to their repertoire of acrylic knowledge as well as brief demonstrations and examples of products used in artworks. Questions will be answered throughout this demonstration and students will leave with an expanded knowledge of all things Golden!

A Zoom link for the live event will be emailed to all participants 3 days prior to the event from education@goldenpaints.com as well as a reminder email will be sent with the Zoom link the day before the event.

To register, please visit Golden Virtual Lecture Demo 

Online Demonstrations

Coming Soon


Yearly membership fee to access these classes

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Let’s Talk Texture – Coarse Molding Paste 

In this class, we will use GOLDEN Coarse Molding Paste to create a textured abstracted Mountain landscape on a panel support.

For more information, visit Skillshare


Let’s Talk Texture – Fine Pumice Gel 

In this class, we will use GOLDEN Fine Pumice Gel to create a textured abstracted landscape on a panel support.

For more information, visit Skillshare 


Cold Wax and Oil landscape on Panel 

Discover using Cold Wax with Oil Paint to create a semi-textured oil painting!

This workshop will have students using palette knives to apply their oil paint on a birch panel support to create a semi abstracted landscape.

Learn all about cold wax ratios, techniques and application tips and tricks from artist Samantha Williams-Chapelsky.

For more information, visit Skillshare


These classes are offered on a class by class basis and charge a fee per class

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Watercolor Landscape Workshop 

For this workshop, students will be exploring the use of QoR watercolors on a textured paste to create a unique landscape painting that can be showcased without glass! The greatest part of this workshop is that each person can create at their own pace and on their own timeline!  To sign up, visit Watercolor Workshop!  

Cost 45.00

Quick Acrylic Landscape SWC

Quick Acrylic Landscape

Using GOLDEN Fluid acrylics, participants will learn how to create a quick acrylic landscape referencing a photograph. This course will teach colour mixing, landscape simplification and composition techniques and well as mark making with different tools.

Students will be provided with a reference image and supplies list to create their own acrylic landscape painting.

To sign up, visit Quick Acrylic Landscape

Cost 45.00


Textured Acrylic Landscape

Using Golden Coarse Molding Paste and Golden Fluid Acrylics, students will create a simplified landscape on an 8″ x 10″ panel support which incorporates texture. This class will showcase Golden Coarse Molding Paste as a fabulous texture to create unique and yet refined acrylic paintings. Students will learn about composition, colour mixing, adding paste into acrylic paint as well as application techniques and finishing techniques.

Students will be provided with a reference image and supplies list to create their own acrylic landscape painting.

to sign up, visit Textured Acrylic Landscape 

Cost 45.00