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Golden Lecture Demo – Smooth and Textured Surfaces

February 25, 2023

1:00 pm Mountain Time

Join this 1.5 hour lecture on the various Golden Artist Colors products that can add unique finishes and textured paint applications to your work. We will cover Grounds, Gels and Pastes in the Golden line up, their effects, application techniques and the products that can be used with them to create unique effects in your works of art. We will start with smooth applications of products such as Grounds to create the perfect surfaces for mixed media works, pastels, pencils and conte. Then we will delve into Gels as both extenders, texture makers and even top coats. Finally we will talk about my ever favorite products, the Paste line up including a variety of Molding paste application techniques, paper like effects and volume!

This lecture is offered free of charge and participants in Canada and the United States will receive a free sample pack of Golden products via mail direct from the Golden Artist Colors Factory.

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Abstracting the natural landscape

Landscape artists will have the opportunity to explore the realm of semi abstract and abstract. We will use color and texture to define a space, simplifying it into its basic components and challenging the norms of traditional landscape painting. Students will learn to use composition cleverly to create the illusion of more, and use color to define space.

April 22 and 23 via Zoom

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